GREATER Manchester’s “top cop” is leading an all-star cast by being featured in a fun four-minute film for Whitefield pupil Joshua Wilson.

Chief Constable Sir Peter Fahy will be seen alongside TV sleuths Scott and Bailey as well as fellow officers when the film, being made by police in Whitefield, is unveiled next month.

The force is following in the footsteps of their colleagues in Devon and Cornwall whose Gangnam Style video has already raised £12,000 for the disabled youngster after becoming an internet sensation.

Money is needed to fund adaptations at Joshua’s home in Walshaw Road, Bury, and to pay for other vital facilities.

Joshua, who attends Elms Bank High School, was diagnosed with his first brain tumour in 2004, aged three. Following complex surgery, due to the location of the tumour on the brain stem, he was left with complex physical disabilities and needs. He now has severe neuromuscular disabilities.

Joshua, aged 12, met the chief constable during filming at Whitefield police station in Bury New Road on Monday. Although police are keeping full details of the fundraising operation under wraps, The Guide can disclose that Joshua will play the “villain” who is being sought by police.

One of the highlights of the film will be a specially choreographed scene to be shot at Elms Bank in Ripon Avenue, but whether Sir Peter will be strutting his stuff is unknown at this stage.

Whitefield police hope that when the film goes “live”, it will highlight Joshua’s plight and help boost the youngster’s appeal.

Inspector Mark Kenny said: “We have already done some things with Joshua’s family in the past and are developing another project for the charity.”

Commenting on the earlier “Gangnam Style” video produced by Devon and Cornwall police, he added: “We have taken this one step further and come up with an actual story.”

He added: “There are officers from Whitefield, Bury, the Special Constabulary, traffic and others from across Greater Manchester involved. We hope that the film will raise awareness about Josh.”

Joshua’s mother, Dawn Fidler, said: “I think this shows that Greater Manchester Police aren’t going to be beaten by their Cornwall counterparts. We’re delighted that the chief constable is going to be part of it. On Monday, he took time to meet Joshua and myself and to have his photograph taken. He really got involved and I can’t wait to see the film.”