IT was the morning that experts predicted Bury would be brought to a standstill.

In the end, the roads appeared clear and the "significant disruption" of heavy snowfall and blizzard conditions failed to truly materialise.

At least not yet anyway. The Met Office continues to warn that between 10cm to 15cm of snow could fall today with the risk of 25cm or more in higher ground.

And snow is falling in parts of Bury.

Shops in Bury were inundated yesterday as people rushed to buy essentials.

Most of the country is affected by snow today, with those particularly at risk of snowfall and blizzards including parts of North West England, Wales and the West Midlands.

People are being advised to be prepared to alter travel plans and parents are being warned that schools could close.

The Met Office has issued an amber warning for Bury which means people need to be prepared for the weather and take steps to change plans.

The maximum temperature will be -1°C and will drop to -2°C, but with the wind, the temperature in the town could feel as cold as -8°C at 3pm.

On Saturday, the Met Office has issued ice warnings for Bury throughout the day and more snow is forecast to fall with temperatures dropping to -1°C but feeling as low as -8°C.

Bury Council’s gritters are currently out in the borough and are undergoing a full gritting route again to prepare the roads for the snowy conditions.

Bury Council has hundreds of tonnes of grit and said the situation would be monitored and snow ploughs would be deployed if necessary.

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