The Tories recorded a double triumph in Bury's by-elections.

Susan Nuttall was victorious in Church ward by a margin of 263 votes, while James Daly secured a runaway success in North Manor, with a 681 majority.

Both seats had been previously held by Tory councillors Bob Bibby and Jim Taylor, who resigned earlier this year.

It was good night for the Tories after losing several seats in the May council elections.

The turnout for Church ward was 32.5 per cent and 29 per cent for North Manor.

The political make-up of the council remains: Labour 36, Conservatives 12, Liberal Democrat 2, and Independent 1.




Susan Nuttall (Conservative) - 1371

Sarah Kerrison (Labour) - 1108 

Stephen Evans (UK Independence Party) - 309 

Kamran Islam (Liberal Democrats) - 35



James Daly (Conservative) - 1324

Jean Treadgold (Labour) - 643

Peter Entwistle (UK Independence Party) - 251

Stewart Hay (Green Party) - 126

Ewan Arthur (Lib Dem) - 93