A RADCLIFFE businessman has survived his first week working as an apprentice for Lord Sugar.

In the episode which aired on BBC1 last night, 24-year-old Charles Burns joined the boys’ team to create their own buffalo burgers from scratch.

Lead by online retail store owner, Danny Grant, the boys had to create a range of burgers to sell whole sale and to members of the public.

Charles, who is originally from Prestwich, acting as sub-team leader, was tasked with guiding the boys through creating buffalo burger patties to sell to wholesale retailers.

After what Charles describes as a ‘series of bad decisions’, his sub-team were left short of burgers when they ran out of time.

Charles made the executive decision to stay in the kitchen for longer, which his team argued was partially to blame for their downfall.

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Team leader Danny chose to take Charles back into the boardroom to face Lord Sugar, however the businessman, originally from Prestwich, managed to talk his way into staying in the competition.

Charles, who views himself as a natural leader, originally put himself forward as project manager.

He said: “I always knew that I would put myself forward straight away because I would rather go out having done something, rather than being a wallflower.”

Charles admits that the task does not represent how he would usually do business.

“It is very fast paced, long days and there are lots of decisions to make.

“You’re constantly rushed to make decisions, and that leads you to make choices that aren’t always the right ones.”

Charles felt as though his team members turned on him after losing the task, because he was the sub-team leader.

“It was easy for the Danny’s team to blame us because they couldn’t see what was going on, on our side of things.

“When back in the boardroom, it was very daunting. I decided not to argue as I’d seen in previous series’ that Lord Sugar doesn’t seem to like that.”

Charles remained in the competition and will continue to fight for the opportunity to go into business with Lord Sugar next week.