PETER Kay has truly been earning his crust in a new set of adverts for Warburtons.

The Bolton icons have joined forces for the bread company’s latest advert, which premieres on television on Saturday.

Funnyman Peter takes a starring role in the Pride and Prejudice meets seed salesman tale.

Dubbed Pride and Breadjudice, it features the Car Share star’s first horse-riding experience, as well as some steamy Ghost-inspired scenes.

He explains: “Ha, ha that was a lot of fun to film. It looks fantastic on camera. We did start to get a bit erotic kneading the bread and were told to calm it down a touch. They had to throw a cold bucket of water over us by the third take. Woof!!

“The storyline for the advert is simple. I’m pitching a film idea to Jonathan Warburton in his office. It’s a romantic period drama called Pride and Breadjudice.

“I play Thomas Warburton, Jonathan’s great-grandfather, a travelling seed salesman who falls in love with Ellen, a woman who dreams of starting her own bakery business.

“I’ll not tell you anymore though, as I wouldn’t want to spoil it.”

An epic tale of passion, flour and a woman stood on a hill, as the love story of Thomas and Ellen Warburton is unveiled, audiences learn how the family business first began.

Based on an adaptation of the true story of Warburtons’ beginnings, Peter tells the tale in his own much loved comedic fashion; taking inspiration from the nation’s favourite literature and on-screen lotharios.

Eagled-eyed viewers will notice him taking on homages which include Aidan Turner’s Captain Ross Poldark and Colin Firth’s Dr Darcy.

However, asked if he will ever get on a horse again, the comic said: “In a word ‘no’. It was ok but I think I’ll stick to donkeys.”

As a Boltonian, Peter said he was “proud” of Warburtons, which he has seen develop from a local firm into a national brand.

Growing up with the family-run company meant the writer and actor felt working together with its team on an advert was a “good fit”.

From Poldark to garlic bread - Can you spot all the jokes in Peter Kay's Warburtons advert?

Chairman Jonathan Warburton added: “I’m very proud to see my family’s story on the big screen and think Peter makes a brilliant Thomas Warburton.

“It’s been fantastic working with a fellow Boltonian - and he really captures Warburtons personality. It’s been a lot of fun filming and we’re looking forward to entertaining families once again across the country.”

Peter follows in the footsteps of action hero Sylvester Stallone and Muppets favourite Kermit The Frog.

A-lister Stallone filmed his advert, titled The Deliverers, in Bolton, including on the Town Hall steps.

Aired in April 2015, it saw the star pitching a movie idea to Jonathan in which he appears as one of the firm’s delivery drivers.

Peter adds: “I think we’re incredibly similar in so many ways.

“Sly’s written a directed a successful series of boxing films. I wrote and directed Phoenix Nights which occasionally had some boxes in the back of shot. Sly played Rambo. I played a transsexual dinner lady from Northern Ireland called Geraldine who some people thought was a bimbo. Sly’s got a head. I’ve got a head, I could go on...”

Later that year it was the turn of Jim Henson’s Muppets.

The advert was an internet sensation as the Hollywood puppets promoted Warburtons’ new Giant Crumpets.

Before Warburtons, Peter Kay appeared in a set of adverts which became cult classics.

The John Smiths ‘no nonsense’ campaign, launched in 2003, saw him ‘top bombing’ into a pool, putting his mum in a care home because of her moustache, booting a football out of bounds and fancying a work colleague.