NEIGHBOURS who are struggling to get road gullies and grids cleared have accused the council of ignoring their problem.

John Knight, aged 71, reported a blocked drain near to his home in York Street, Prestwich, only to discover a fellow member of his neighbourhood watch association had already reported it a year earlier. An appeal to local councillor Andrea Simpson led to a response from council officials which said that all gullies on adopted roads are checked annually on a cyclical basis.

The statement added: “Wherever possible we try not to deviate from this cyclic regime as this is by far the most efficient use of our limited resources.”

It also stated that if blocked gullies pose a risk of flooding or endangered road users then they would be cleared, otherwise the next round of clearing would be within six months. But Mr Knight says it is frustrating that the public is not made aware of when they are due to be cleared. He said: “It must be better for them to update their system to tell people instead of having several councillors having their time and ours wasted.”

Mr Knight said he also reported problems in Livsey Street, Charnley Street, Ducie Street and Clarendon Street to the council.

A spokesman for the council, said: “There are approximately 36,500 highway gullies across Bury, therefore it is a huge task to keep them clear."