FOLLOWING her dreams was the right decision says talented artist Myroslava Coates.

For after a lifetime of drawing doodles she has turned the hobby into a profession — creating artwork on shop windows.

Ukrainian-born Mrs Coates, who goes by the name Myro, says she previously felt pressure to get a “proper job” and found work on reception at a car dealership.

But Myro, aged 27, never stopped doodling throughout her job to the point where her manager would ask her what she was working on that day.

She said: “As a child I have always drawn, I was the kid that drew on the paper table cloths at the restaurants.

“But, being Ukranian, I felt I had to do a proper qualification and get a proper job.

“The reception job was mind numbing, I would doodle all day every day and a customer asked me, ‘do you do that seriously?’”

The question initially prompted her to designed a few cards and she had them printed.

She describes her style as quite bold and natural as she has never received any formal training.

“I pride myself on my lines being a bit squiffy and I think when you study it becomes like you have to work a certain way,” she said

Village Greens, in The Longfield Centre, was the first business to let her draw on its windows.

From there, she received enquiries from other Prestwich shops and now she draws on windows all over Manchester.

She has even created designs for raspberry liqueur maker, Chambord.

Mrs Coates said: “My designs are all done by hand and I don’t even plan things. I’m very lucky that most of the people that commission me just let me loose, although I do have people that have set ideas.

“I had to learn to draw the Flying Scotsman and another time I had to draw 50 separate llamas.”

From her initial small success with greeting cards, Mrs Coates’ business has grown into MyroDoodle, operating out of her home in Newlands Drive, Prestwich.

She said: “My whole family are behind me. I think in a lot of families, there’s a massive onus on having a proper job, but now I’m self sufficient, I think it’s waking up our community.

“You can do what you love and make a good reputable living.”