ANNOYED residents living near St Mary’s Park in Prestwich have complained about the condition the ground was left in following tribute festival Festwich.

The ground was said to be ‘torn up’, following the festival which saw nearly thousands of people head to the park across the weekend of July 29 and 30.

St Mary’s Road resident, Paul Matthews says he is concerned about whether the field will be repaired in time for the football league to begin in September.

He said: “The Prestwich Marauders are down there most Saturdays practising, but not this year.

They will have to try and find somewhere else to play.”

Work to repair the ground was expected to completed by Tuesday.

Paul said: “We have had some sort of machinery on the park.

“They have levelled the park but there are still a few ruts and there has obviously been some diesel spilt.

“There are patches of grass that have been killed and they have not made big improvements. The field is not fit for purpose anymore.

“It is not right that the festival should be held there, it is not that type of venue. It cannot take that amount of traffic, especially when we get those weather conditions.”

Festival organiser, Jools Taylor said: “I have had one or two enquiries about the condition of St Mary’s Park.

“We started a two day reinstatement programme on Monday to re-seed and re-soil the ground.

“We did have to hold off because of the bad weather but it is a park at the end of the day and it is not something that we would leave without fixing it. The park will be back to its normal condition.”

During the free festival, St Mary’s Park hosted a main stage and marquee stage, featuring around 35 live acts and 10,000 people attended each day.

Cllr Alan Quinn, Prestwich councillor and cabinet member for the environment, said: “Festwich is a hugely popular and successful festival.

"They’ve also raised many thousands of pounds for local charities.

"Inevitably, and especially if the weather is poor, there will be some effects on the park.

"They are acting quickly to remedy that, including reseeding parts of the park.

"Everyone hopes the work will be completed promptly and the park will be in excellent condition for its other regular uses.”