THE Friedmann-Thatcher ideological attack on the public sector believes constricting public spending will let the private sector flourish, but forgets public wages are usually spent in the private sector and most public supplies and contractors for major projects also come from the private sector. No public sector, no motorways, not even in the USA which also had to create AMTRAK to keep a national rail network for a variety reasons.

Brown and Darling turned down spending, but not so much as to shut down the economy and they did pay down the deficit by £20 billion a year.

When the ideological Cameron-Osborne clowns arrived, they turned down spending ideologically so much that we have had stagnation, the doubling of the national debt and no pay down on deficit.

If you return to the world of no planning control, no health and safety, no public spending except on defence and courts, then the Gustav Dore engravings of the slums will reappear for real as around Nairobi, Delhi or the favelas of Latin America.

And the half of the population the market — by its very nature — that does not pay decently will not be able to afford health and education so the half of medical staff, legal practices, and teachers who service he poor half of society subsidised by taxes or NIC's and legal aid will also vanish and discontents increase as opportunities close.

The Victorians found out the hard way, especially when the Great Stink of the 1840s hit Parliament itself that everybody's business gets left to somebody and when nobody does anything — because we must safeguard taxpayers' rights and property — the bugs, fires and viruses do not respect human snobberies about addresses and status.

Frank Adam

Hartley Avenue