GIVEN the rightly serious nature of recent letters from readers — austerity, election, Brexit et al — I would like to offer a more light-hearted and hopefully seasonal comment regarding Wimbledon, arguably the best tennis tournament in the world.

My suggestion is that professional tennis adopts the following three rules immediately to avoid my loss of voice from shouting at the TV:

1 Grunting and/or shrieking by players should mean a progressive loss of the point, game, set and if still continued the match.

2 Players should be given only two balls when serving and not four or five resulting in them not having to send the surplus ones back to the ballboy/girl.

3 The obsession of having to use a towel after each point and expecting the ballboy/girl to run around after them should be outlawed. Players should use a headband or wristband and leave the towelling ritual to the change of ends.

I've solved the first problem by turning the sound off but the other two get me so hot and bothered I have to reach for the towel!

What do other readers think?

Bernard Hurst