A WOMAN has described the 'frightening' moment a man approached her and began kissing her while out walking in Whitefield.


The victim was walking along Parr Lane from Stanley Road, at around 5.50am when she realised someone was following her.


She was approached by a man, described as 5ft 7ins tall, unshaven with a dark complexion, who introduced himself as Fernando and began talking to her.


He followed her for around 15 minutes, hugging and kissing her before running off up Randale Drive.


In a Facebook post on Spotted Unsworth, the victim, aged in her sixties, said: “The whole episode left me very, very shaken, I was convinced one of this guy's bear hugs was going to turn into me being strangled, without being overly dramatic.


“He said he had run ten miles from Farnworth, and he seemed to be comfortable with running, although very overdressed, it made me doubt he had come out for a run.


“It was a very alarming experience.”


Police confirmed they were investigating the incident, which took place on Saturday, May 6.


The victim’s post said: “I was taking my usual walk around Sunnybank, Rufford Drive estate.


“I was awake earlier than usual and consequently it was around 5.50am and fully light when I turned left onto Parr Lane from Stanley Road.


“After walking a few metres, I became aware of something and there was a man right next to me.


“He immediately started talking to me, and had a foreign accent, he asked me about my walk, but he was taking hold of my hand and putting arm around my shoulder whilst he was talking.


“As you can imagine, I was rather frightened, but didn't want to alarm this man, who introduced himself as Fernando.


“He kept kissing me on the cheek and hugging me in a bear hug. He walked with me up to Randale Drive, despite me trying to get rid of him by telling him I preferred to walk on my own.


“After kissing and hugging me for about tenth time, he asked me if I minded him kissing me and I said ‘actually, I do’.


“He then said he'd go, but continued to hang around for about another few minutes before he set off to continue his run, going up Randale Drive.”


A GMP spokesman said: “The woman was walking when she was approached by an unknown male who engaged her in conversation and grabbed her.


“They eventually went their separate ways and police were informed.


“There have been no arrests made so far.”


Anyone with information is asked to contact police on 101, quoting crime reference number 112946Q/17.