A POPULAR family-run newsagent has closed its doors after 30 years in business.

Munir’s Mini Market has been selling papers, magazines, food and household goods in Cromwell Road, Prestwich, since 1987.

But residents waved goodbye to the store when it closed its doors on Sunday.

Described by customers as a “community asset”, the shop was opened by Mohammed Munir and his wife, Vieda, when their first child, Idris, was born.

The family have sold the premises in order to retire due to Mr Munir’s poor health. The shop will be turned into two homes.

Mrs Munir, a mother-of-five, said: “Sunday was the saddest day of our lives packing up and closing the shop.

"We had calls from Australia from an old customer who wanted to say goodbye and we even had someone travel up from Birmingham on Sunday.

"It's been amazing to see the lovely comments on Prestwich People after our picture was posted.

"We've always been here to help anyone in the community so we will truly miss everyone.

“We want to thank our customers who were more like a family for all their support and kind words. We will miss them all.”