IN last week’s paper, the Conservative candidate for Bury South made some rather bizarre statements.

Firstly, he wanted to piggyback on to the long-running campaign to save our local walk-in centres from closure, despite the fact that he has done absolutely nothing to help since the proposals were announced last August.

Now, I know he is new to the area — having been parachuted in from London — but surely he knows that the Bury Conservatives are officially on record as unanimously supporting the closures!

This type of cynical political opportunism may be how he operates in Hammersmith and Fulham, but here we can easily see this as a transparent and desperate attempt to cover up the shocking betrayal from the local Tories.

Secondly, he appeared in total denial of the seven years of Tory (and Lib Dem) cuts we’ve faced locally — £100 million at last count.

We all know that London and the South East get far more money than we do, so perhaps he has got used to that from his time down there, but is he so out-of-touch that £100 million worth of cuts is to be so arrogantly dismissed?

Finally, he makes the strange assertion that Bury New Road will become a “one-way system”, which is just plainly false.

Again, since he’s only just been dropped in from London perhaps we can just excuse this as plain old ignorance.

This is an incredibly important election.

We need an MP we can trust and rely on to speak up for us at this uncertain time for our country, our NHS, our schools and our local services.

Nathan Boroda