I READ with absolute amazement the quote from the Tory Parliamentary candidate in last week’s paper, in which he had the nerve to call on Bury CCG to reconsider closing the Prestwich Walk-In Centre.

Talk about jumping on the bandwagon!

He is barely off the train from London and straight away wants to kid local people about the Bury Conservatives.

Quite frankly, they’ve had their chance to join Labour’s campaign to oppose the closures and they blew it.

They have voted against saving the walk-in centres at council and even gone as far as to welcome the proposals. Madness.

This type of shameless behaviour by the Tories can only serve to further undermine trust in politics. Local people deserve better.

It must also be said that Ivan Lewis has led Labour's campaign and supported the local community from the start.

He has submitted our petition against the closure, with more than 7,000 names, to the Department of Health at the end of the last year and worked with Andy Burnham to put pressure on the CCG to reverse its decision.

Why we would want some Johnny-come-lately from London and his Tory cuts, when we can continue to have an MP born, raised and lived all his life here?

Actions speak louder than cynical and empty words.

Ivan has shown he can be trusted to actually speak up for us and our local health services.

Cllr Eamonn O’Brien