BREXIT voted for a little "Le Pen" Britain and the banks are already scouting offices in low corporation tax Dublin so the pound might well collapse when the car firms do a runner to Europe. This election is also about voting for a tax strike or not, and further erosion of public services, public spaces and social context.

Make your choice, but if you do not vote, do not complain you were not warned.

After this election is over, we shall still have to balance between low pay and benefits subsidising employers as in school history's Speenhamland "system" compared to the New Poor Law dumping people into "workhouses and jails, are they not full?" — or emigrate.

What is definite is our youngsters will get better houses, and outdoors in Canada or Australia.

The alternative to poverty is not just work, but general and vocational education; decent minimum wages; and to make the board and management cough some of their unwarrantedly high million a year emoluments to invest in research and development posts to create new technologies and job places.

We have enough of a record since the advent of coal and steam in the 18th century to know that the biggest lever to social mobility and the general progress of our common prosperity and content is that every time there is a new technical development there are new jobs and slots for those left out of the previous set up.

It has been obvious for decades that the future is in promoting green industries, but as long as we have a government that does not believe in active constructive government, we can wait for the cows to come home.

The problem is not production nor technicalities but selfish meanness in high places, "that slew the saints of God".

Would Cromwell our chief of men be living at this hour!

Frank Adam

Hartley Avenue