New research has revealed how much money you need to earn to be happy. 

The survey, from and YouGov, found Brits need to earn an average minimum of £39,942 per year to be happy.

That's a staggering 45 per cent more than the average national income - not good news.  

The survey of 2,000 UK adults found the cost of happiness equates to having an average disposable income of £939 each month after paying for essentials including rent, mortgage and bills, with men demanding a much higher income to be content than women - £50,886 a year compared to a modest £29,156.

Prestwich and Whitefield Guide:

Anita Naik, consumer editor at, said: "There are a number of simple measures you can take to help afford the things you place value on, from setting up a regular standing order into your savings account the moment you get paid, to checking voucher code apps and websites to make clever savings on your more extravagant purchases.”

Today is International Day of Happiness.

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