A VLOGGER has gone viral after he posted a video ranting about the price of tickets for the Steps reunion tour.

Adam Brookes, who uses the name Adam Lance, posted the angry video after the Manchester Arena box office told him the remaining tickets for the December show would be £100 each.

He also tagged the official Steps Facebook account in the post and told them "sort it out".

It has since been shared across the internet and watched more than 200,000 times.

Mr Brookes, who lives in Downham Gardens, Prestwich, said: “I have been doing videos for about two or three weeks. I posted this video on my Facebook page and it went completely viral.

“I went to the box office and they told me the available tickets they have got are £100 each. I would never dream of paying that.

“I went to see Steps a couple of years ago I think it was £35 a ticket, which I would say is normal. I would never have expected to be asked to pay something like that.

“Like I say in my video, it’s supposed to be 20 years of Steps and they are supposed to be loyal to their fans.”

The 28-year-old, whose favourite Steps song is Better The Devil You Know, said he grew up with the band along with other 90s and 00s pop giants Spice Girls and S Club 7.

He said: “We had such a good time when I went to see them two years ago and I wanted to go back with my best friend for her birthday. Even she said as well that she would not pay that much.

“We might as well save an extra £50 and go away to Benidorm or something. It’s just crazy.”

He added: “I am grateful to everyone that has watched the video and people have even commented saying they wouldn’t pay £100 to see them."