I WOULD like to thank all the people who voted Conservative at the last elections, for Bury losing its fabulous, valuable and much envied, 24/7 walk-in medical centre.

Many times our flagship walk-in facility has been mentioned in national news reports, as other towns and cities throughout the uk have envied our facility and desired to have one of their own!

It has even been praised by government ministers and spokesmen representing the health ministry, for its superb work in helping to reduce the current national hot potato of overwhelming demands put upon our local hospitals’ A&E departments.

Further more, all the time our Government has been banging on about trying to introduce a 24-hour, seven-day service from the nation’s GPs, (but without recruiting the extra 20,000 doctors they would need to make this a possibility, or putting in the £5 billion worth of extra funding that such a change would require.

The people of Bury already had a 24/7 GP service — thanks to our wonderful provision at Moorgate.

But sadly, our ultra greedy and elitist Conservative Government, that has zero interest in the ordinary citizens of the uk, has slashed funding to our local authority, and slashed funding to the nhs, so there’s no longer enough money to keep the place open.

So at a time when the Government talks about trying to Tackle the crisis in our hospitals, and wants everyone to have a 24/7 GP service, it is contradicting its own statements and is closing down the facility which bury already had.

So our useless Conservative government is happy to praise our walk-in facility, but is far more interested in wasting countless billions (of our money) on nuclear weapons, and preparations for the destruction of the UK — also known as Brexit.

Brexit is the worst thing Britain has ever done, and will ever do.

Thank you Conservatives for ruining my town and my country.

Robert Graham

Cross Lane