A THUG who hit a man with a metal baseball bat in his Prestwich flat and then punched a pregnant woman has been jailed for three years and nine months.

Enraged Bradley Turner went to the address in Beechcroft, Sedgley Park, on January 16 with two accomplices to exact revenge.

Bolton Crown Court heard that Turner carried out the attack after he was told that people had said he had cheated on his girlfriend.

The court heard how Rizwan Saeed and his 14-week pregnant girlfriend Kathryn Minshull had friends at their second-floor flat.

Among those present were friends of Turner’s girlfriend and Ms Minshull said Turner had cheated on his girlfriend.

The following day, Turner’s girlfriend arrived at the flat and began asking questions — then Turner arrived at 3pm, with two others.

Mr Saeed would not answer the door, but one of the three smashed it in.

Although Mr Saeed tried to reason with them, Turner hit him with the baseball bat, knocking him to the floor.

Turner then struck him three or more times to the head with the bat, and the women in the property were so terrified, they all ran out — except for Ms Minshull.

Aware that Turner might attack her, Mr Saeed tried to keep Turner’s attention by saying “is that all you’ve got?” and Turner continued to strike blows on Mr Saeed’s shoulder, Recorder Paul O’Brien was told.

Turner then told Mr Saeed to wait while he went to find Ms Minshull in the kitchen where he knocked a mobile phone out of her hand as she was making a 999 call.

She pleaded with him and said: “Please, Brad, I’m pregnant,” but Turner punched her in the face before dragging her by the hair into the living room.

He then used the bat to smash up a television and put a hole in the wall, before dragging Ms Minshull by the hair again to another room.

The court heard how Turner told Ms Minshull to talk to his girlfriend and change her story about his alleged cheating.

Police officers arrived soon afterwards and all three men were arrested.

The 20-year-old, of Highstone Drive, Smedley, admitted affray, possessing an offensive weapon and two counts of assault, while Lee Singh, aged 21, of Pinnington Road, Manchester, and Ian Larcombe, aged 22, of North Road, Clayton, both admitted affray and were each jailed for 18 months.

Following the attack Mr Saeed was taken to hospital suffering from head and body injuries and, though he was allowed home that night, he collapsed a few weeks later.

Recorder O’Brien described it as “amazingly fortunate” that Mr Saeed had not suffered serious injury as a result of the “sustained attack”.

There was no harm to Ms Minshull’s baby, and the couple moved out of the property as they were too scared to stay.

The court heard Singh and Larcombe had gone to the property “out of a sense of misguided loyalty” to their friend Turner and, though they stood by during the initial attack, they tried to get him to stop during the brutal, latter stages.

Recorder O’Brien said: “Ms Minshull had allegedly said something about you, Turner, to which you took offence and you went with a metal baseball bat to her home in order to exact revenge.

“All three of you burst into the flat and attacked Mr Saeed and then Ms Minshull, who was terrified.

“She was crying but you punched her in the face and dragged her from room to room by her hair.”

Turner had previous convictions for burglary, possession of drugs with intent to supply and assaulting a police officer. The two other defendants had no criminal records.

“Turner, you are a prolific offender and this was a particularly nasty case of revenge,” added the judge as he imposed sentence.