A VIOLENT thug has been jailed for 20 months for robbing a woman of her car keys in Prestwich.

Aaron Tucker, aged 25, of Dorchester Road, Swinton, attacked the woman at just after noon on February 9.

His 41-year-old victim was moving a BMW car in Whittaker Lane, Prestwich, when she noticed Tucker was stood nearby, drinking from a pint glass.

As she walked, she noticed Tucker was approaching her, holding the glass.

He demanded she gave him the keys to the car and when she refused, he demanded them again and tried to grab her.

He smashed his pint glass before the victim gave him the keys.

Tucker ran off but later handed the keys back after he was confronted by the woman's husband on The Meadows.

After pleading guilty at an earlier hearing, Tucker was today jailed at Bolton Crown Court.

After the hearing, Detective Constable Lindsey Worrall, of Bury Police, said: "Tucker showed extreme aggression when demanding the keys and when he smashed the glass, the woman did not know whether she would be attacked or not, making her fear for her safety.

"This occurred on a Sunday lunch time, young families were walking in the vicinity.

"Tucker's behaviour was totally unacceptable and he is now serving a custodial sentence as a result of his actions."