AN unwitting reveller who had his picture taken on a night out was left “humiliated” after it ended up on a foul-mouthed Facebook page.

David Page was enjoying a night out with his partner Sarah Howden at Lloyds Bar in Bury town centre on April 19, when the pair decided to have their picture taken and made out into a keyring as a memento of the evening.

However, unbeknown to Mr Page, the picture was later posted to Unique Photography’s Facebook page, a Bury-based photography studio.

The image was then used without permission and added to another Facebook group entitled ‘W****** of Bury’.

Mr Page says the firm, which regularly attends the bar to take pictures with the permission of the venue, did not tell him that by purchasing the keyring the picture would appear online.

The page has since been removed after Mr Page’s partner complained, and he says police have told him there is little they can do if the person who created the group is not identified.

The culprit took the image from the Unique Photography Facebook page, and then adapted it and made it the profile picture for the abusive page.

Mr Page, of Coniston Avenue, Whitefield, said: “All of Bury could have seen that picture because it was on that page for at least a day and a half.

“I have not had any teasing due to it yet, but I have got a feeling that when I go out in Bury next I will get some grief.”

A spokesman for Unique Photography said that putting images from nights out on to Facebook was commonplace in nightclubs and bars.

He said: “Most people are aware of it because we notify people that if their picture is taken it will go on the Facebook site, there is a notice in the club.

“I appreciate his point but the page has been taken down. Most people don’t buy a keyring, they go on the Facebook page to look at their picture.