CAMPAIGNERS have formed an anti-fracking group after a meeting was staged in Prestwich.

More than 40 people attended the meeting at the Royal British Legion in Bury Old Road last week to discuss the controversial subject.

Fracking involves power firms pumping a mix of water, sand and chemicals underground to extract gas that can be used for energy.

A company called iGas has been granted permission to do tests at Barton Moss, near Eccles, sparking a major protest.

After the meeting, a Bury Against Fracking spokesman said: “Those present agreed to set up our group to lobby Bury Council to declare Bury a frack-free area.

“The meeting heard the North West and Bury in particular is vulnerable to the possibility of fracking.

“There is shale under our feet and the Government has issued licences to a number of different firms.”

The group and other campaigners argue the process polluted the water supply in the United States and led to health problems.

But the pro-fracking campaign and the Government argue that the process will be tightly regulated and it will make energy bills cheaper and create jobs.

Leona Johnson, of pressure group Northern Gas Gala, said: “I really think we can generate a powerful movement bringing people together to stop this technology and promote alternatives.

“The new group will shortly announce the date of its next meeting in Ramsbottom.”